AR R. / Archaeological Records RECORDINGS

Certaines roches frappées d’un coup sec par percussion directe ont la propriété d’émettre une sonorité

qui continue à résonner pendant un temps plus ou moins long  _Erik Gonthier

Sound spreads away from its source: flowing and passing it leaves traces, some of which can be found in the ideas it seeded.

AR welcomes and promotes since 2018 explorations into sound that move from the search for these traces.

Each project on this page has come to its conclusive form – always different.

The production dynamics tested by AR vary as well: co-production for The Chaos Awakening [AR R.00], an artisanal approach for Darkening Ligne Claire [AR R.01] and the concept coordination on Terminalia Amazonia [AR R.02].

And shapes shift too. Deciding to print music on vinyl or plastic involves a responsibility, and [AR R.01] was conceived as a product/manifesto: an edition with only one copy for sale. An art sale whose incomes financed the entire project, and therefore the free sharing of the digital edition ~

[AR R.02]Terminalia Amazonia - Zu

[AR R.01] – Darkening Ligne Claire - Liles/Maniac + Christophe Szpajdel

[AR R.00]The Chaos Awakening - ?Alos


[AR R.02]

Zu : Terminalia Amazonia

[AR R.01]

Liles/Maniac + Christophe Szpajdel : Darkening Ligne Claire

[AR R.00]

?Alos : The Chaos Awakening